A Smarter Way to Power your Home.

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A Smarter Way to Power your Home.

We could all use a hand to cut through the chaos of daily life and save money and time too. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of your appliances could do the thinking for you? Or if you could save energy at night without rushing to switch off every appliance before bed or better still, get more control – like limiting screen time with your kids?

Introducing Smart Plugs – the easy way to making your home smarter.

First things first, what makes Smart Plugs so ‘smart’?
Fitting between the power socket and your appliance, Smart Plugs look like regular power adapters – but they’re much more. When connected to a smart phone APP, they’re indispensable.
Smart Plugs use your household WiFi to send information to your phone and that changes everything!

Here are 7 ways Smart Plugs can change your life!

1. De-stress Christmas with automated lights.
Lovers of Christmas lights face a dilemma – when to turn them off? A few hours of festivities in the evenings are great – but when you’re snuggled on the couch, getting up to flip the switch off is about as appealing as a lump of coal in your stocking. And once you’ve turned the lights off, you’ve got to turn them on again. Smart Plugs to the rescue!
Christmas Hint – plug all your Christmas lights into a single power board. Then, connect to the power through a Smart Plug. Finally, set your lights to a schedule for a couple of hours each evening – Christmas cheer optimised! If only a Smart Plug could do your Christmas shopping…!

2. Save money on Vampire Power
Vampire power – electricity used by devices on standby – can drain up to 10% of your electricity bill.
While a single device consumes very little electricity annually, it adds up when multiplied by every single device in your home. Standby power also accounts for roughly 1% of global CO2 emissions!

Notorious standby power-suckers include:
• Computers
• Heaters and air conditioners
• Wi-fi modems
• Printers and scanners
• TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players and game consoles
• Phone chargers
• Microwaves and other kitchen appliances.
Switch off Smart Plug–connected appliances from your phone or schedule them to shut down when you won’t be using them. You’ll save power without a second thought!

3. Outsmart burglars – the easy way.
If you’re going away for the weekend or heading overseas, create the illusion you’re home simply by setting up a Smart Plug with strategically placed lamps near windows.
Simply connect your lamps to a Smart Plug, then time your lights to come on at night to create the illusion of activity and warn off intruders. So, when holidaying, relax! Your home’s looking after itself.

4. Limit your children’s screen time and gain control!
Tired of asking your kids to do homework or go outside? Struggling to limit their TV or Xbox time? Smart Plugs can help control screen time consumption and establish a healthy after-school routine.
For example, let your kids zone out for half an hour when they arrive home. Next, turn off the TV’s power for an hour or two, making this official ‘homework and/or outdoor play time’.
Restore power an hour before dinner, giving you quiet to cook dinner! Finally, turn off the power when you go to bed – so nobody’s gaming when they’re supposed to be sleeping!
Smart Plugs give back parental power! You’re welcome!

5. Start dinner – while at work!
If you have a slow cooker, you might be frustrated by cooking times. ‘6–8 hours on low’ works in theory … but when you leave at 7am and get back at 6pm, your meal will be well overdone.
A Smart Plug lets your phone turn on your cooker at exactly the right time – so your meal’s perfect when you arrive home after a big day.

6. Never wake up to switch off an appliance again.
Have you ever left the fan on during a warm summer’s night, only to have to get up and switch it off when it cools down? Or gone to bed in the depths of winter with your electric blanket on, and woken up roasting? Plug these appliances into Smart Plugs and schedule them to turn off at (say) midnight. You’ll never awake shivering or sweat-drenched again.

7. Reduce the risk of electrical fires.
Any appliance has the potential to start fires or cause an electric shock. Common culprits include toasters, microwaves, clothes dryers and dishwashers.
Ensuring all appliances are switched off when unused will substantially reduce the chance that one will catch fire when you’re sleeping or away. How’s that for peace of mind?

A few of Smart Plugs’ many other uses include….
• Brew coffee 15 minutes before getting up!
• Left the iron on? No stress!
Smart Plugs give you more control than ever and save money and time. Better still, a high-tech home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Introducing the BrilliantSmart WiFi Plug – the easy and affordable way to upgrade ordinary
appliances and electronics into smart home devices. Control your home by voice or remotely, from your smartphone with the FREE BrilliantSmart App.

BrilliantSmart WiFi Plug Benefits:

– Makes any appliance smart! (Easy Plug-in & WiFi connection)
– Remote control anywhere via BrilliantSmart FREE App
– Voice control via Google, Alexa & IFTTT
– No hub necessary, works with any WiFi router
– Control multiple devices via the BrilliantSmart App
– Set timers and schedules to perform multiple functions
– Plug into any standard 240V power outlet
– Includes USB charging port

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