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Ceiling Fans

Cooling room and giving impetus to the interior or exterior is what modern ceiling fans are known for. Though most of the interior designers doesn’t like the idea of fans when they are planning interiors. At the same time, one cannot ignore the warmth of the feeling of getting cool breeze during summers. Now the contemporary ceiling fans with traditional touch and with excess to most of the colours are very much in vogue.

Led Ceiling Fans, Black Ceiling Fans, Wooden Ceiling Fans, Damp Ceiling Fans, Wet Ceiling Fans, Fans with Remote, its endless; fans are available according the needs. And at many occasions it becomes the talk of the moment due to its irresistible style. Simple design fans are still unmatched, but at present one can float his thought in accordance with the space and element conditions.

To circulate air in the room or the area without reducing temperatures, is the best what Ceiling Fans can do. Here, size of the fans is an important factor and complicated too. But experts are there to guide.

The rotation of the blades are factors to decide whether they are set for the winter heat or cool setting for summers. Blades spinning clockwise then its for the winters and counter clockwise then for the summers. Suggestion is always to take advice of experts.

11 Jul 2017 7:26:55 pm By Aamir Omar Ceiling fans, Ceiling fan, LED Ceiling Fans, Comments Ceiling Fan,
Ceiling fans
Quote by Evel Knievel,‘I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair’ is an apt definition of the ceiling fans that we offer. Ceiling Fan Australia are cost effective it consumes less power. It never cools air like an air-conditioner but circulate it to every corner. When fixed with air-conditioners it amplifies the coolness and that too at lower cost. It saves around 30-40 % energy.Read More
28 Jun 2017 5:22:37 pm By Aamir Omar Ceiling fans, Ceiling fan, Comments Ceiling Fan,
10w led downlight

LED Downlight is a major component of indoor and outdoor lighting design. LED Downlight is usually fitted into the ceiling and gives you the freedom to choose your interior lighting design as you want. These lights are very attractive and sought after because they produce less heat and less voltage which means LED downlight to use less energy. LED Downlight emits more light and uses lesser energy. LED Downlight is installed into a hole in the ceiling. It gives LED light shines down from the ceiling. It is best to install down light near pendant lamp.

Advantages of LED Downlights

  • LED Downlight use less energy than incandescent and fluorescent downlight.  These downlights are sometimes called as recessed downlight or can light. An acronym for LED is Light Emitting Diode.
  • LED Downlight is emitted in red color, but it is available in two colors: warm white and neutral white.  Warm white is similar to the incandescent bulbs, and neutral white is similar to the fluorescent bulbs. LED down light have a longer lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • LED Downlight has longer life span when compared to the other bulbs. LED downlight can save an average of $265 in the energy cost of each year for every 6 inches (15 cm) LED downlight.
  • Traditional lights produce more amount of heat and energy and also burn out very quickly. But LED downlight delivers less of energy and does not burn out very quickly.

The recessed Led downlight is sometimes called as can light because of the shape. It is a light fixture that is installed into a hole in the ceiling. There are different parts of recessed light fixture: trim, housing.  Housing is fixed inside the ceiling, and it contains the lamp holder. There are different types of bulb that is inserted into the recessed lighting fixtures. Trim is visible portion of the light. Choosing the right trim is dependent upon your taste.

IC Rated Recessed lighting allows insulation to be direct contact. Non-IC Rated recessed lighting allows insulation to keep three meters away from the housing all the times.

10w LED downlight is slim as well as attractive. It especially used for replacing older down light. 10w led down light have a longer lifespan of 30,000 hours, which is fifteen times longer than the incandescent bulbs and lights. This 10w is designed with polycarbonate fitting. This fitting is suitable for home and commercial lighting. It suits for ceiling under 3 meters. This 10w led down light is cost effective lighting solution. It consumes low voltage, and it produces bright light.

modern crystal chandeliers

The crystal chandelier is a decorative light fixture installed on walls or ceiling. Crystal chandeliers usually have a large number of lights that hang in a branched frame. Crystal chandelier generally uses incandescent bulbs, and some modern bulbs use fluorescent bulbs. Recently they have launched LED as well.

The crystal chandelier is different from pendant light. Chandelier contains multiple lamps that hang in a branched frame. Pendant lamp contains one or two lamps that hang from single cord without any decorative elements. The crystal chandelier is installed in living room, dining room as well as hallways.

The crystal chandelier is popular for their uniqueness, dynamism, appearance as well as sparkles. If the fixture is too large, it will make feel room small and too bright because the crystals reflect the light source. If the fixture is too small, it will fade into the background. The modern crystal chandeliers should be at least four feet away from each and every wall.

All the visible parts of crystal chandelier are made up of burnished brass with some exception of light. The brass is covered with the durable lacquer rating baked at 150°C. Glass parts of a crystal chandelier is made up of baric or lead crystal. The crystal chandelier is made by fusing intricate glass parts at 2,280 degrees Fahrenheit.  They shape every piece by hand.

There are many larger retailers for lighting supplier. So finding the boutique lighting supplier is difficult in Brisbane. They provide a lighting solution such as interior lights, exterior lights, outdoor and architectural lighting at lighting shop Brisbane. You can update your home with exterior lights. Exterior lights are perfect for illuminating closed in porch, patio space and deck. You can brighten the outer space by installing exterior lights.

Exterior lights are available in many different forms which highlight a majority of areas. Exterior lights such as post and bollards light, underwater lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor step lights, flood lights, as well as spiked garden lights. You can enjoy exterior lights with the variety of lighting option. Exterior lights can make your home attractive as well as safe. You can brighten the entryway with hanging design. You can add style to the wall or ceiling.

By installing exterior lights, you can add beauty to your home. Lighting shop brisbane offers home lighting, home decor products, crystal chandelier, and pendant lighting and other light fixture for exterior lights.

You can always buy crystal chandeliers at low prices online. You can browse through the top designer styles and superior quality brands for the best purchase. Shop from the most exclusive crystal chandeliers that are modern as well as contemporary. Get the exclusive and dynamic looks for your house today! 

Black ceiling fan with light

Till date, ceiling fans were only supposed to provide air in warm weather. But with the advancement of technology, they can also provide light in the room. Shocked! It's true. Modern day ceiling fans are coming up light fixtures installed in them. Fans on the ceiling were already providing comfort in your home. But with the additional advantage of light, they are becoming more and more convenient because they keep the room cool and also lights up the room.

Traditional light bulbs emit a high amount of heat, keeping the rooms warm all the time. So, even if you have ceiling fans on, it completely defeats the cooling purpose. But withLED Ceiling fan, this problem is even resolved. LED lights are bright, but they don't emit high heat which makes them energy efficient and long lasting. Also, they don't warm up the room, unlike conventional bulbs or lights.

Ceiling fans with light are remotely controlled and are built with quiet motors. So, noise is no longer a matter of concern that is created by fans while revolving. With attractive blades, fans come in other colours and textures. Black ceiling fan with light is high in demand because the combination of black blades and white lights enhance the beauty of any room where they are installed.

LED lighting

LED lighting is finally coming in to the picture in the modern era, but most of the people are still nervous about using this relatively new technology. LED down light or a spot light is considered to be a wonder technology, while slashing down the house hold electricity bills to a great extent.

What is an LED downlight?

LED lighting is a Light Emitting Diode which uses far less power compared to traditional Halogen or incandescent lamps. The LEDs last much longer than traditional lamps and have now evolved in providing good amounts of light to cater for different customers. The running temperature on LED downlights is less than traditional Halogen and incandescent lamps. Depending on the wattage, a halogen lamp can warm up to 300 degrees whereas the operating temperature for an LED downlight is between 50-80 degrees. Because of this, LED downlights can be used closer to structures, insulations and beams. New regulations have been introduced on LED downlights to have them IC or IC-F rated. This determines how fan insulation, beams and solid structures are to be spaced away from LED downlights. Current regulations on halogen downlights state to have 200mm minimum spacing from all objects and also require a protective heat can directly over the halogen light to reduce the risk of fire and danger. Because LED downlight have a lower running temperature, they have a lower risk of fire and are safer to use in ceiling spaces compared to previous versions of LED lightings.

Why should you consider lighting from above?

Having Recessed LED lighting gives a clean look to your home and provides the light that you need. There are much wattage available for LED downlights, the most popular being a 10w LED Downlight can provide a bright general light output with the additional intense light. There are many frame finishes available for LED Downlights, the main options being the White or Brushed chrome finish. If you wish the downlights to blend into the ceiling and be less obtrusive then the White finish would be the best option.  The white frame will blend into the ceiling and still provide with good amounts of light.  On the other hand, if you choose to go for a Brushed chrome finish, it will stand out more on the ceiling and provide a feature on the ceiling. This all depends on the Décor of your home and what you want to achieve. If you want the attention on your furnishings then it would be a good idea to use white framed downlights on the ceiling to blend in.

With the addition of plug bases on LED downlights, it is now much easier to replace the downlight if you have a problem. When getting the downlights installed by a licensed electrician, it would be a good idea to get the electrician to install 413 plug bases on the wiring. A 413 plug base also known as a surface socket can be easily installed by the electrician and if there are any problems with the downlight in the future, you can remove the downlight from the ceiling, unplug the faulty downlight and plug a new one back in there. This way it saves on costs to call the electrician back. Most downlights now have a plug at the end of them for easier installation and easier replacement for the future.

2 May 2017 7:55:31 pm By Aamir Omar LED downlight, LED downlights, Comments LED Downlights,
ceiling fan

Come summers, the search for a perfect ceiling fan begins for new homeowners. With endless options available in the market, making a perfect choice is quite challenging. These days, there are many well-known and renowned companies offering an extensive range of Ceiling fans. Before choosing any of them, it is imperative to check out their features, weigh the pros and cons and then make a sound decision. Besides fulfilling the basic purpose of controlling the temperature of the room, these fans must also be stylish in looks. They must not be too noisy. Other factors that need to be considered when choosing a fan are longer usage or durability, lesser wobbling, high-quality paint that is scratch and corrosion resistant. Considering these factors will help you make a suitable choice.

LED Ceiling fans

These days, LED Ceiling fan are also available in the market. It is not only a versatile fixture but also quite convenient to use. It not only helps in air circulation in a room but also keeps the area well-illuminated. Thus, by installing such fans, the dual purpose of illumination and temperature control is served which saves a lot of space with just one fixture. Lighting Empire, a renowned lighting company offers amazing designs and styles in these fans.

28 Apr 2017 11:32:38 pm By Aamir Omar Comments Ceiling Fan,

Lighting is one of the major factors that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to designing a room and creating a perfect ambiance. The way space is perceived a lot on the way it has been lighted. If the room is huge and you wish to impart it with a classy look, you can go for a beautiful chandelier. Installing contemporary chandeliers will make a style statement, and the room will take an entirely different look. There is no dearth of designs and styles available in the market. Depending on space, formal or informal, its size, and overall décor of the room, you can go for traditional or contemporary looking chandeliers.


When looking for an appropriate chandelier for your home or office, it is advisable to spend some time and browse through a variety of options available in chandelier showroom in Brisbane. Lighting Empire, one of the renowned lighting products selling companies offer an admirable range of options. Visit its chandelier showroom in Brisbane and check out the various styles available. You will be amazed to see a lot of products that are perfectly suited to your requirements. With your ideas and perfect measurement in place, you can make a sound decision, perfect for your home or office.

20 Apr 2017 8:07:40 pm By Aamir Omar chandelier, chandelier showrooms, Comments Chandeliers,
10w LED downlight

With global warming and exhaustion of non-renewable sources of energy, many companies have focused on the low cost lighting solutions which contribute towards environmental safety. LED lighting is one such technological revolution which is quickly gaining momentum and penetrating the market segment very rapidly. LED Downlights form one of the most popular variety of LED lights.

Reasons for popularity and acceptance of LED Downlights. LED downlights have gained acceptance over the traditional halogen lights and incandescent bulbs. Some reasons which have made it possible for LED lights to gain wide unanimous acceptance and immense popularity are: 

Energy efficient. LEDs are 85% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and hence benefit by lowering the electricity bills.

Economical. Despite their initial investment cost, still become economical and largely impact in reducing electricity bills.

Higher Illumination. They offer higher brightness as compared to their old time equivalent halogen lights.

Lower heat emission. They produce lower amount of heat and remain cooler from outside.Indirect savings on electricity comes from the fact that you actually use less AC in order to cool a room that your light bulbs were otherwise heating up.

Ecologically Friendly. Unlike CFLs, these LED downlights are eco-friendly since they do not involve the use of mercury. They are recyclable and hence, protect the natural resources of earth.

Longer Lifespan. LED downlights make a definite good choice when it comes to lasting life. Their long life comes from the fact that this type of lighting doesn't burn out like conventional lighting even when left on for long hours. 

It adds to the attractive look and ambience of the space. LED downlight offers an attractive lighting alternative for any room in your home. It can also be used highlight and exuberant artifact bringing it into limelight.

Durable Design. This new tech innovation is exclusively designed to make it extremely durable. They are ruggid for being used both indoors as well as in the outdoor settings and can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Low Ultra Violet Emission. These offer higher illumination without UV or infrared light emissions.

The minuscule looking downlights are capable of casting a powerful beam of light, especially for highlighting fixtures on your walls or corner cabinets and hutches. You can use your creativity to place them appropriately and add special lighting effect to enhance any theme in your home or office.

LED Downlights are available in several options including 10W and 13W for typical household use. A complete range of commercial downlights is specifically available with few vendors offering wider range of lighting solutions. 10w LED downlight can be conveniently used for lighting up your interiors or exteriors with optimum amount of light equivalent to a 50 W halogen light.

So, exhibit your concern for the environment by switching over to low cost LED downlights.

27 Mar 2017 6:32:26 pm By Aamir Omar LED lighting, LED Downlights, Comments LED Downlights,
Black ceiling fans with light

In the long list of utility based household accessories, ceiling fans seem to be an indispensable household accessory. With today’s focus resting on style as much as it is on comfort, the purpose of these household accessorieshas shifted from being just a needed appliance to an accessory adding beauty to the luxurious ambience in addition to its utility.

What to look in a ceiling fan?

If you are considering a Black ceiling fan with long lasting durability, then it is definitely wiser to choose some classic materials that can withstand the test of time. At the same time, it should be appealing in terms of design and colour. Nothing more could be asked for if it could serve dual purpose of cooling and lighting together. All this is no longer a dream to come true, it’s already there in the market with wide range of ceiling fans with light to choose from.

Looks and Appearance

With the introduction of new tech innovations and people’s focus shifting towards giving a more luxurious and high class ambience to their spaces and rooms, it’s time where people are looking for replacing the traditional fans with  higher grade designer fans with lighting.

Despite the widespread acceptance and usage of artificially cooled air systems to regulate the temperatures, people are becoming more sensitive towards environmental issues caused by global warming. Hence they are looking for more eco-friendly energy efficient alternates to their requirement.

Black ceiling fans with light add glamour and style to space with its bold color along with LED light. This perfect combination looks truly stunning. If you are looking for ceiling fan with elegant style and yet cost-effective for your home or office space, then do consider looking out for Black ceiling fans with light as one of the options in your market research.

Black and Bold - A Popular Option

Black is fast emerging as fashion trend across various verticals and not just clothing. The world of fashion is led by this gorgeously handsome and sexy looking black ceiling fan. Black has become synonymous to hot and trending in appliances and accessories. This option not only looks attractive in outdoor settings but indoors as well. Moreover, it blends well with any décor style or theme; hence has become one of the prominent choices for a majority of homeowners.

A black ceiling fan with light at hanging from your ceiling offers more than just the cool breeze. Where black offers the grace to the room, the light adds to the overall ambience of the room. Its magnificent dark allure with the light filling the ambience of the room makes it a good option while choosing a ceiling fan for your home or office space.

27 Mar 2017 6:14:51 pm By Aamir Omar Black Ceiling fans, Ceiling fan, LED ceiling fan, Comments Ceiling Fan,
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