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Modern & Contemporary Chandeliers Brisbane

Chandeliers are a bold lighting choice to include in the home. Synonymous with elegance, chandeliers take on a variety of different styles, making it certain you’ll find the perfect one to intertwine with your interior décor. Lighting Empire has an extensive range of both modern and contemporary chandeliers to suit any space. There’s no better place in Brisbane to find stunning chandeliers in every style imaginable.


Gone are the days where chandeliers are exclusive to homes of grandeur. Their function and design has evolved over the years to offer a lighting fixture for every room or occasion. Whether you are looking for a traditional crystal chandelier to make a splash in the dining room or contemporary gold chandeliers to blend in with your sleek and stylish furnishings, Lighting Empire in Brisbane will have a solution to suit.


When choosing the chandelier that will go best in your own home, there are several important elements to consider, particularly when it comes to sizing. The size of your chandelier should complement the room nicely without being too overwhelming. Pick a sizing option that works proportionately with the room size to ensure the best visual impact. Chandeliers are known for their ambient lighting and stylish look, so they are best incorporated in a layered lighting scheme and not as the single light source.


LED Chandelier

Lighting Empire in Brisbane has a collection of LED chandeliers to transform and enhance any room in the house. The modern design of an LED chandelier shows no difference with its incandescent alternatives, though it has the advantage of increased reliability and efficiency. An LED crystal chandelier will use less heat so they’re cool to the touch and also produce brighter light to illuminate the home marvellously.


If you are looking for a modern-style chandelier with the benefits of LED light bulbs, an LED chandelier will be the perfect choice for you.


Shop Lighting Empire’s expansive range of stunning chandeliers online or at one of our 2 convenient Brisbane locations today. Free shipping is available on all orders over $100.