LED Colour Temperature

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LED Colour Temperature

Our range of lightbulbs features a diverse collection of styles and designs. Our lightbulbs offer the perfect lighting solution, whether you are interested in step-dimming technology, LED energy efficiency or retro designs.

Our lighting product range offers the right options for your style and needs. You can enhance and highlight your light fittings with ease. Browse the different types of lightbulbs.Matching your colour to your mood or wants has never been easier. No matter whether you want a pink, green or blue light. The different brightness’s, light colours and colour temperatures noticeably transform the mood of a room. A warm yellow light has a different effect on us than cool blue tones. This is not only subjectively but also in terms of your well-being. The measure of light temperature is given in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin number, the colder the light appears. Therefore, you should choose the right light in every room of your home.

Colour Temperature Chart

Warm White
< 3300 K

If you want the mood to be cosy and inviting, we would recommend a warm yellow light with less than 3300K. Immerse yourself in your reading corner in a warm, pleasant light. The sofa and seating area should also be lit in this way.

Cool White
> 3300 K – 5500 K <

For the study or kitchen, we would recommend neutral white light sources that are between 3300K – 5500K.  Any workplace should have a well-lit space.

Pure White
> 5500 K

In basement rooms, storage rooms, garages or driveways, we would recommend a pure white light. This would mean around 5500K and above. In areas like this, the comfort is not important and the focus of lighting is on safety.

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