Getting your outdoor lighting just right takes planning. Consider what the lighting requirements are for each space outdoor to decide what lights will best suit the purpose. Light layering will ensure every aspect of your exteriors is covered for every occasion.

Outdoor & Exterior LED Lighting
Outdoor lighting is a significant aspect of a home’s design and functionality. It serves many purposes, ranging from security and safety to enhancing outdoor entertainment areas and garden design. Exterior LED lighting does a beautiful job of illuminating the landscape. Their long-lasting lifespan and super bright beam will show off trees and garden features very nicely while also saving on energy.

Unlike traditional lighting which takes time to warm up, exterior LED lighting is instantaneous in producing a bright light. They are also the more durable choice as they are manufactured with plastic to better endure through harsh weather conditions.

Lighting Empire has various exterior LED lighting options to choose from. With LED security spotlights, flood lights and integrated lights available, you can ensure the outside of your home is kept secure, safe and beautifully lit.

Browse the exterior light range online or drop by one of Lighting Empire’s two convenient locations in Brisbane to see them in person. Free shipping is on offer for all orders over $150.