What is Smart Technology, and why do I need it?

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What is Smart Technology, and why do I need it?

Smart Technology is already changing the way we live around our homes. By connecting your lighting, home appliances and security and partnering with Google Home or Alexa – this innovation has the power to transform our everyday lives.

What exactly is Smart Technology, and how does it work? Essentially, Smart Technology gives you the ability to control parts of your home from a single or multiple devices — usually a remote control or smart device. Giving you the ability to set and forget simple functions like turning your lights on and off, or securing and monitoring your home.

With its comprehensive scope and intuitive design, Brilliant’s range of Smart Technology has the capacity to transform virtually every aspect of both households and businesses. Working its magic through your WiFi connection, our Smart Technology range allows you to manage your home electronics, appliances or devices wherever you are, at any time, instantly.

Brilliant’s Smart Technology is fuelled by the simple yet powerful BrilliantSmart App, designed for ease of use and controlled directly by voice or smart device. Just say the word, and your house instantly obeys — even from hundreds of kilometres away.

BrilliantSmart technology is simple to operate via a large range of lighting, security, switches or electrical products, which can be controlled either individually or by each family member. To make these benefits accessible to everyone, BrilliantSmart is designed with the broadest compatibility in mind. All Smart Technology is fully connectable via your mobile, tablet, Alexa or Google Home device.

Staying fully connected to your home 24/7 is a game-changer for personal safety. Think of a time where you’ve accidentally left an appliance switched on (the iron, for example), and had to redesign your entire day to fix it. With BrilliantSmart, there’s no drama — simply connect to your iron remotely on your smartphone and instantly turn it off, making those dangerous ‘forgetful moments’ a thing of the past.

BrilliantSmart can also make you safer when you’re not at home. If you’re on holidays, a dark house is an easy target for theft. Fortunately, there’s an intelligent solution. BrilliantSmart can set a schedule to give the illusion of constant movement inside your house, deterring potential burglars in the process. It’s a win-win situation. (Burglars excepted!)

There’s nothing like coming home to a house that’s set up exactly how you like it. BrilliantSmart makes managing your house a cinch. ‘Automate your day’ simply by pressing a few buttons on your App so each appliance switches on at exactly the right time. Freed from the repetition of organising each day, you’re now free to think about important things.

Imagine coming home from work on a dark, wet night. You walk up the driveway, which is fully lit up a few minutes before your arrival. As you open the front door, your path to the kitchen is carefully lit at the optimal level. (You know it’s perfect, because you programmed on the App last week.) The moment you get there, the slow cookers just finished your eight-hour slow-cooked lamb. Coincidence? Of course not. With BrilliantSmart, your home becomes a dedicated personal assistant who keeps every corner of your living space perfectly calibrated.

The potential savings are substantial, too. If you strive to reduce your electricity bills, BrilliantSmart has you covered. For example, you might like to time your dishwasher to turn on in the middle of the night and use off-peak electricity. BrilliantSmart can further reduces costs by slaying ‘vampires’ — annoying devices that sit on standby, doing nothing. Smart Technology makes it a cinch to schedule these parasites to shut down when not in use. It’s a boon to the planet … and your wallet.

And remember, BrilliantSmart isn’t just about being sensible — it’s a lot of fun, too. Remember, having complete control over your environment simply makes life more enjoyable. If you have a Sonos system, you can use BrilliantSmart to personalise the music selection played in each area of the house — so no more endless arguments with the kids about Bach vs. Britney. You can also set the mood with lighting inside and out of your home – perfect for entertaining.

Every day, BrilliantSmart Technology is changing how houses work with people. Find out more about transforming your home with BrilliantSmart’s full Smart Technology range.

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