Ventair is a leading name in ceiling fans in Australia. We manufacture quality products proven to offset the humid air in both indoor and outdoor settings, so keeping your home or workplace comfortable all year round is a breeze. Expect smooth, quiet cooling, impressive airflow and efficient motors, all rolled up into sleek designs that look just as good as they perform.

Explore the extensive range from Ventair to find the model that’s right for you and your budget.

The control & efficiency of a DC ceiling fan
We specialise in DC ceiling fans, the perfect product for the demanding Australian climate. DC (direct current) fans deliver a freshness you can rely on, with a number of benefits that include:

Lower energy consumption. Since a DC fan gets its energy from a transformer, it consumes around 70% less energy than some other varieties.
Enhanced control. A number of speed options allow you to control the air movement.
Style. Gone are the days where a ceiling fan was an eyesore. This range is lightweight, modern and complementary to your home or business’ aesthetic.
Low noise. Silent apart from the noise of the blade, a DC ceiling fan is the industry’s quietest yet.
Stylish living made comfortable
At Ventair, we also supply AC ceiling fans, such as those in our Spyda collection, that deliver high efficiency and are suitable for most lower budgets. Select your preference between an AC and DC ceiling fan, and choose the finish that best suits your decor. From classic white to sleek black and futuristic metallic, make a statement with your Ventair ceiling fan.

Our ambition has always been to mesh form and function, because we don’t believe you should have to choose between the two. That means our fans look good, deliver excellent energy savings, and are guaranteed to provide quality air movement for years to come.

Each model in our range meets high Australian standards, with products suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Contact the trusted name in ceiling fans in Australia
With one of the largest ranges of ceiling fans in Australia, you can count on Ventair to provide the perfect solution for you. A wide variety alongside suitable accessories mean we can cater to any environment – both indoor and outdoor.