Smart Lighting Technology is already changing the way we live around our homes. Partnering with Google home or Alexa, this innovation will transform our everyday lives.

What exactly is Smart Technology, and how does it work? Firstly, Smart Technology gives you the ability to control parts of your home from a single or multiple devices. Giving you the ability to set and forget simple functions like turning your lights on and off and most importantly, securing and monitoring your home remotely.

With its comprehensive scope and intuitive design, Our range of Smart Lighting range has the capacity to transform every aspect of both households and businesses. Connected through your WiFi, our Smart Technology range allows you to manage your home electronics, appliances or devices wherever you are, at any time, instantly.

Secondly, Staying fully connected to your home 24/7 is a game changer for personal safety. Think of a time where you’ve accidentally left your television switched on.  Therefore, With a smart set-up, you can remotely turn the power off on your television through your smartphone for these forgetful moments.

Get smart with Lighting Empire Smart Lighting products. Control your Doorbell, Downlights, LED Globes, Security, Switches and Plugs at the touch of a button. Shop now for our Smart Lighting products online today.