Five easy ways to keep your house warm this winter

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Five easy ways to keep your house warm this winter

When winter hits and a house isn’t well insulated, a home can become even colder than the outside air temperature. This means that inhabitants will either have to brave the cold, or end up and paying a premium for heating. Luckily, there are some smart, practical and cost-effective solutions available to properly prepare your home for winter.

Close curtains and blinds at night

If your house has large single-glazed glass windows or glass doors, closing curtains and blinds at night will help retain warmth. While windows are great for allowing sunlight in during the day, they also let heat escape when trying to keep your house warm at night.

3-in-1 bathroom heaters

Horizon: Powerful, efficient, sleek, and stylish. The Horizon is a bathroom 3-in-1, but not as you know it. Suitable for small and medium bathrooms, the Horizon features 2 or 4 heat globes, a dedicated 8w 850 lumen LED downlight, and achieves a maximum air flow of up to 300 m3/hr.

Newton: The Newton 3-in-1 Bathroom Mate is available with two powerful heat globes for small to medium sized bathrooms, or four heat globes for large bathrooms. Showcasing a simple and modern design, the Newton comes with a wall switch, flexible aluminium ducting, and exterior vent.

Supernova: Powerful and efficient, available with two heat globes suits for small to medium bathrooms and four heat globes for medium to large bathrooms.

All-seasons fan technology

All-seasons ceiling fans are an efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical way to keep a house cool in summer and retain warmth in winter. In summer, the blades spin counter-clockwise, pushing air downwards, creating a breeze, and cooling the room. In winter, the blades spin clockwise, pulling air up and retaining warmth. Brilliant has a range of all-seasons ceiling fans suitable for various locations around the home. These include:

Vector: A revolutionary 52” all-seasons ceiling fan with Ezi-Fit blade assembly in under 20 seconds. While traditional ceiling fans are time consuming to assemble and install, the Vector 52” employs the latest Ezi-Fit blade technology, drastically reducing fan assembly to under 20 seconds. Unlike traditional fans, no tools or screws are required for blade assembly. Simply push the Ezi-Fit blades into the slots and they lock in. The Vector series is designed to be used all-year-round, with powerful 52” blades that keep you cool in summer and help retain warmth in winter. The Vector can be installed indoors or enclosed alfresco areas.

Hercules 84″ DC Ceiling Fan: The Hercules is an industrial strength fan with six speed remote control function. Boasting high velocity airflow plus smooth and quiet operation, the Hercules can be installed in any indoor locations around the home, and is especially suited to large open living areas and vaulted ceilings.

Move furniture away from heaters

Don’t place couches, armchairs, or other objects directly in front of heaters. Ensuring that heaters are free from obstructions such as furniture allows them to disperse heat much more evenly and efficiently, keeping the room warm.

Air Transfer Kits It’s important to ensure proper air circulation throughout the entire house, and this goes for all seasons. The during the Summer, ensure your fan is set to “auto” mode and not running continuously. Running the air conditioning fan all the time can lead to unnecessary ac repairs if parts wear out. (quotes are the new anchor.) Also consider an air transfer kit. An air transfer kit can often be the most economical way of redirecting air within your home and keeping a home well-ventilated and warm in winter.

Air Transfer Kits are ideal for homes with open fires or wood burners. • Turbine: Transfer heat from one room to another, quickly and easily with Turbine air transfer kit. Utilise an existing heating/cooling source to its full potential and overcome the need for separate heating appliances in individual rooms.

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